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    The solution to your quest·Jade!  She is the only woman to have ever been awarded the Gold Medal from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

In 1994,  she performed for the Royal Family of Monaco at the Princess Grace Theater.  That evening, while seated next to Prince Albert, she bewildered the Prince and his entourage with a burnt marked bill that magically restored itself and appeared on the sole of Jade's foot.  The marked bill was sandwiched between her foot and her silk stocking!  After destroying the silk stocking with a pair of scissors, he gingerly removed the restored bill and assured the rest of the audience that it was indeed the borrowed bill.  Prince Rainier, sitting at the next table, participated enthusiastically in the applause that thundered in the Castle dining room.

Jade's magic is not only available for the royalties of the world however.  She performs at corporate and private functions where the patrons are enchanted with miracles that take place right before their eyes!  In Europe and on the stages of the Casino Revue shows, her illusions mystify audiences and create fanciful images that linger in their minds.

Jade will make the difference at your next magical event! 

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